Robot Cache Beta Begins

The open beta for Robot Cache is now underway, offering the chance to try out this game marketplace first announced in January 2018. This is the brainchild of Interplay and InXile founder Brian Fargo, and it makes use of blockchain technology to allow customers to buy, earn, and resell digital video games. Users can also mine cryptocurrency on their PCs, which can be used for "IRON," the digital currency used on the site. This post explains how to earn "mining boosts" which increase your cut of mining, including bonuses for founders, AMD owners, and more. Here's the previously released video on the service and here's more on the beta launch:
We’re experimenting with a radical new concept that allows gamers to sell their digital games after they’re done playing them. You’ve probably sold your old game discs to a retailer before, but now Robot Cache is extending that concept to the digital world. This is only possible with the help of the publishers and developers, and we’re thankful for their trust.

This has never been done before, so bear with us as we experiment with a completely different type of digital PC game store. We plan on doing things like rotating our top 10 lists to give more games visibility, having a section devoted to international developers, distributing blockchain games, and eventually opening some of our source code allowing you to expand this concept further than we could ever imagine.

With your help we hope this starts a whole new paradigm for buying not only digital games, but eventually all forms of entertainment. Enjoy!