Halo 2: Anniversary Launch Issues, Halo 3 Testing Plans

With the Windows release of Halo 2: Anniversary (including Halo 2) due tomorrow night, a blog post from 343 Industries outlines the issues you might encounter with the PC edition of the first-person shooter remake (thanks VG247). They also reveal that plans are already underway for beta testing of the PC edition of Halo 3, saying the first flights should take off "in the coming weeks." They take this opportunity to remind everyone what to do if they want to take part:
Halo 3 Flighting
Prep work is already well in progress with early testing beginning in the coming weeks with our Ring 1 folks. As it progresses and we work through our process we will make sure to keep folks apprised of when and where to expect the next series of PC flights to take off! But, before that happens, if you have registered, please make sure you have updated your Halo Insider profile. If you haven’t already registered, please check out the Halo Insider program for your chance to participate in future flights. So, take some time right now, head on over, and get involved!