VALORANT Vanguard Hot PC Hotfix

A tweet from Paul Chamberlain has an elaboration from Riot's anti-cheat lead on another tweet from Riot about a new hotfix for Vanguard, the software they use to safeguard VALORANT from cheaters. This is in response to a thread on Reddit that complains that Vanguard was so aggressively shutting down background programs that some users were having overheating issues after it killed the programs controlling the fans in their PCs (thanks Kotaku via JDreyer). Here's word on this effort at protecting beta testers from their protection program:
In an hour we're shipping a hotfix for Vanguard to +up its compatibility with cheat-vulnerable drivers. Most of the previously blocked drivers should now work. Some egregious ones will cause the game not to start but now very few will be blocked outright. Thanks for the feedback.

Paul Chamberlain
To get the new version you'll need to launch VALORANT and the patcher will update you. After that a reboot will be required to get the full effect.