Out of the Blue

It's our first spring living by the nearby pond, so as the noisy flurry of mating season abated I started making uneducated guesses about when we'd start seeing the first waterfowl offspring. I won the first sighting battle the other day while I was assembling the grill when I spotted a pair of ducklings. But yesterday MrsBlue won the war when she saw a pair of geese showing off their 11 new goslings. And for extra credit, she got a picture of the whole brood, who are too cute for words. I saw a recent Facebook post from a friend with an annual goose family who noted they have so many because lots of them get picked off by predators, but I'll try and ignore that aspect of the law of the jungle for the moment and wish them all the best. Honk, honk!

Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.






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