Out of the Blue

It is with great joy that I announce the re-establishment of the sovereign state of Manstovia. We had to re-home my beloved charcoal grill when we moved, as our new homeowner's association doesn't allow them. So yesterday we picked up my first-ever propane model. It's a small four-burner jobbie, but this is appropriate to our deck and needs. Despite the modest size, we were surprised to find it would not actually fit in our car, so we had to remove it from the box to get it home, but thankfully this worked out. It gets very positive reviews despite being surprisingly inexpensive, and it was on-sale for 37% off, so it felt like a steal. The biggest concern from the reviews were repeated complaints of hard to understand instructions and difficult assembly, but those things are in my wheelhouse, so putting it together was a snap. At least until I lost a small cotter pin. But we had to go to Lowe's for a cover anyway, and I found a replacement pin that was far more robust for all of 37 cents. Actually they were two for $0.74, so now I have a spare. The whole process of two store trips and assembly was so time consuming that I didn't actually grill our dinner, so the official Manstovia flag-raising will probably happen today.

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