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The PoolTracker site that we use for our annual NFL playoff pool offers the ability to create an NFL draft pool, so I decided some of us might find this a fun challenge. Here's a link to the Blue's News 2020 NFL Draft Pool (password is "draft"). Simply pick who you think will be the top 10 players drafted in order in the first round of Thursday's NFL draft. You'll get 10 points for each pick you hit on the head and partial points for each pick that finishes in the Top 10 (10 points minus the difference between your pick and their actual draft order). The tie-breaker is to predict the number of trades in the first round. It costs nothing to join, and there is no prize, so all that's at stake is bragging rights. But as has been pointed out before, it's hard to place a value on those... they are basically priceless.

Obituary: Founder of Radio Caroline Ronan O'Rahilly dies aged 79. Thanks Boing Boing.

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