Riot Increases Bug Bounties

A post from Riot Games discusses security in their games, noting they have paid out over $2 million through their bounty program to those who have identified exploits in the past. Saying they are once again putting their money where their mouth is (mouths are?), they announce a reward of up to $100,000 for those reporting security vulnerabilities in their Vanguard security program. These can include web security problems, certain game exploits, and other security concerns. Here's word:
As part of our commitment to player security and privacy, we’ve been running a Bug Bounty program on HackerOne for the past 6 years. We’ve rewarded security researchers with almost two million dollars in bounties and our scope includes everything that players interact with. Today we’re announcing that we’re creating a special scope for Vanguard vulnerabilities with even higher bounties. We want players to continue to play our games with peace of mind, and we’re putting our money where our mouth is. If you think you’ve found a flaw in Vanguard that would undermine the security and privacy of players, please submit a report right away and you may be eligible for a big bounty payout. Visit our HackerOne page for more details.

We’d never let Riot ship something we couldn’t stand behind from a player-trust perspective (not that we think Riot would ever try). Players have every right to question and challenge us, but let’s be clear—we wouldn’t work here if we didn’t deeply care about player trust and privacy and believe that Riot feels the same way. We’re players just like you, and we wouldn’t install programs on our computer that we didn’t have the utmost confidence in.