Crumbling World Beta Demo

Crumbling World is an action/RPG in development at Dume Arts for launch on Steam for Windows, macOS, and Linux on May 21st. They promise a full story mode, seven playable characters spanning five different classes, and 25 procedurally-generated stages so that "no two playthroughs will ever be the same." They are also offering the chance to check this out before then with the release of a playable beta demo on Game Jolt for Windows and macOS. Here's a trailer for the demo and here are details:
Set in a sinister, slowly decomposing land where humanity has been driven to corruption, aligning with dark forces for survival, players must traverse gorgeous diorama-like levels in an attempt to bring back the age of light - before the world crumbles away entirely beneath their feet.

In the beta demo, players will experience a number of the procedurally-generated opening stages of the game and take control of Mathos, the Knight - one of the five classes which will be available when the game launches in May.

This beta demo has been crafted to provide a taste of the world and the intense real-time combat that players will utilize on their journey to restore light to the land.

The updated beta demo also showcases the addition of the "crumbling" mechanic whereby the corrupted world will literally fall apart beneath the character's feet. Players will need to plan their steps, lest they fall into the twisted Underworld beneath the game's levels.