This Week in Call of Duty

This Week in Call of Duty - April 13 on the Activision Blog has a briefing on all that's happening this week in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone. This comes along with a new video showing off what to expect. This includes an upcoming double XP weekend; a new Twin Dragons weapons bundle, Drop Zone mode, and Cleanup Crew pack for Modern Warfare; and a new Scopes and Scatter Guns for Warzone Trios. Here's word on that:
A new mode is available for Warzone that limits the weapons to snipers and shotguns and changes up the strategies required to win – Scopes and Scatter Guns Trios. Grab your merry band of three in this twist on Battle Royale that brings you into new ranges of play. Will you get up close and pack a devasting punch with a shotgun? Or decide to deal death at distance with a sniper? Make your choice or do a mix of both, just try to outlast the enemy and the collapse in this Battle Royale variant to claim victory.