Rival Games Closing

The Rival Games Development Blog heralds "The End of an Era," announcing this Finnish developer of Alien: Blackout and Thief of Thieves: Season One is shutting down. They say this is due to financial challenges which are not entirely the fault of the COVID-19 outbreak, which they say is just "the icing on the cake." Word is: "Thief of Thieves: Season One and Alien: Blackout will remain in stores normally, but our first title The Detail will be pulled from Steam and AppStore at some point." Here's a bit on why Rival is now dead on arrival:
After Alien, things were looking up for a while. We signed a deal with Universal Studios for a super cool smash-up of two 80s iconic franchises for an AA PC/console narrative shooter. We had a solid team, with some serious experience, and the same development partner from Alien, a solid vision for the game, fun and challenging gameplay. In short, all the shenanigans for a great, innovative game and a good business structure for the project, that even would’ve allowed us to pay back the loans. We were months in the pre-development when, almost a year ago, the worst possible happened: Universal had a major business strategy shift across their portfolio, shutting our project down in a moment’s notice. We were coming up on a milestone that contractually allowed them to shut it down fast.