Out of the Blue

MrsBlue and I made a neat discovery during a careful trip outside for some fresh air. I mentioned recently that we'd only seen one of the swans for a brief period over the past few weeks. During our stroll, we spotted where they are nesting which relieved my vague fear that some harm might have befallen one of them. It does raise concern about future harm, however. I was correct that they are nesting in the marshy area just beyond the pond. However they are on the other side of the road that bisects the marsh. This means they must cross said road to get to the pond, putting them in danger from cars. This is a 30 mph zone, but rural drivers are maniacs, so this is definitely perilous. The good news is that during the summer they seem to spend most of their time on the pond itself, so hopefully they won't be crossing that frequently. That aside, it was neat to see them over there, with one atop the nest and the other swimming in the shallows, never getting too far away like an attentive spouse.

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