Something Ate My Alien in June

Rokabium Games announces Something Ate My Alien will launch this June on Steam, offering a 2D digging puzzle/adventure game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Word is: "Take on the role of the AI Antalasia, and control your little Alien blobs to explore a variety of planets!" You won't have to wait that long for a taste of this, however, as a pre-launch demo is now available on Game Jolt, Indie DB, and Here's a trailer and here are more details:
In Something Ate My Alien, you're tasked with digging through different worlds to find all the items required for the pirate who hijacked your mining ship. During the adventure on each planet you have to battle environmental dangers, fight off wildlife, solve secret puzzle chambers, and all this while surviving on a depleting oxygen supply and a threat far scarier than the local wildlife.

Key Features

  • Dig through the depths of 4 different planets and collect as much loot as possible.
  • Solve puzzle chambers by pushing and pulling blocks to reveal secret treasures.
  • Survive by finding oxygen recharge stations and dodging environmental obstacles.
  • Fight the hostile flora and fauna with your choice of 6 specialized weapons.
  • Upgrade and build your equipment by collecting items and energy.
  • Find hidden relics and collect achievements.
  • Engage in bigger battles with the scary huge threats guarding the hidden secrets.

Something Ate My Alien will be available with full controller support on Steam, and other PC retailers including Humble Store and Green Man Gaming, for $16.99. To celebrate the June release announcement, a pre-launch demo has been released for all PC platforms -- available to download and play now on Game Jolt, IndieDB and