Out of the Blue

We got our first delivery of some groceries from BJs this weekend. The cleaning supplies we ordered were out-of-stock by the time the order was fulfilled, which was our main goal. But the good news is we found some Lysol in the local grocery and I filled a couple of spray bottles with it, so we're a little better-equipped to try and keep things we bring into the house sanitary. The weird thing about the small amount of groceries we got in our delivery is they included a case of Stove Top Stuffing, which we most definitely did not order. I alerted the driver to this as he got back in his car, but there seemed to be a language barrier and there was nothing I could say to convince him to take it back as he rushed off like he was escaping a bank robbery. They didn't charge us for it, so I guess we have some real bottom-of-the-barrel provisions to fall back on.

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