Legends of Runeterra This Month

Riot announces an April 30th launch date for Legends of Runeterra, their upcoming deck-building game (thanks VG247). They offer a new Launch Announcement Trailer and a FAQ on what to expect, including system specs and details on the game. Here's the overview:
The wait is finally over: LoR officially launches on PC and Mobile April 30!

We’ve compiled the details below in an FAQ for you, but here are a few things everyone should know right up front:

  • No content wipe—you’ll keep everything you’ve earned or purchased so far!
  • Cross-platform play and accounts—play and earn rewards on both mobile or PC.
  • Beta Season will end and a new Ranked season will begin—see below for more details.

And most exciting of all: LoR will launch with a brand new set of 120+ cards, including a new region!

Card and champion reveals will begin soon and continue through launch—make sure to subscribe to the LoR social channels to see them as soon as they’re revealed!