Boundary – Orbital Security Detail This Year

An update on the PlayStation.Blog about Boundary – Orbital Security Detail mentioned here yesterday failed to recognize that this first-person shooter is coming to PC as well as PlayStation 4 (thanks Polygon via Neutronbeam). The game is set in the zero-gravity of "low orbit" space, where no one can hear you quote Owen Wilson from Armageddon saying "we're just in the beginning part of space, we-we haven't even got to outer space yet." Producer Yongliang "CT" Cui from Surgical Scalpels Studio says the game is feature complete, and is coming to both platforms this year. The post includes a trailer with cinematics and gameplay along with details on what to expect. Here's a portion discussing the environment and player classes:
Zero Gravity Combat
We call our armed astronauts AO, or Astroperators, and you’ll need to think like one in Boundary. Movement is turned on its head in space: you have full freedom of movement and you aren’t restricted by gravity like you are in most shooters.

But keep this in mind: as many possibilities as zero gravity opens up, it brings even more challenges.

A well-trained AO knows how to use the environment to their advantage. Floating debris makes for a good blind spot to conceal your approach, a solar panel might be a good spot to plan an ambush against an unsuspecting foe, and you can even use your grapple hook for substantial acceleration from one point to another.

Specialist Customization
Many characters in Boundary can be specialized as multi-role combatants. Our experienced AO, Lucas, can act as an Assaulter or a Sniper Specialist, each with its own Tactical Ability.

As an Assaulter, Lucas can give himself an agonist shot to strengthen his senses (kind of like an Adrenaline shot). As a Sniper, he can utilize an auxiliary arm that gives him a stable platform to steady his shots.

Every AO has their own active and passive ability, as well as different basic capabilities like armor or health. These give them their own unique roles in the harsh battlefield of space.