Vanguard Princess Online Released

Publisher eigoMANGA announces the release of Vanguard Princess Online Deluxe on Steam, new DLC which adds online multiplayer support for the Windows edition of Vanguard Princess, their 2D fighting game featuring an all-female cast, because plot. As noted in this announcement there is also a less deluxe version of Vanguard Princess Online offered with some of the game's DLC. Here's more:
'Vanguard Princess Online Deluxe' will also feature the following in-game content:

  • Updated and originally uncensored version of 'Vanguard Princess'
  • Access to playable versions of the game's boss character Hilda Rize in Arcade Mode and Two Player Mode
  • Additional battle stages
  • Alternate story-lines
  • Alternate endings for various characters
  • Additional in-game music