Half-Life 2 Shown in VR via Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life 2 on Source 2 - Half-Life: Alyx Mod Showcase is a proof-of-concept for running Half-Life 2 content in VR using Half-Life: Alyx. The creator says there are no plans to share this mod "yet," as the video is just a "showcase demo and nothing more" at this point. Here's word:
This mod is done by me. I took the original map file and converted to Source 2 format and added to Half-Life: Alyx. In process, I converted assets of Half-Life 2 to Half-Life: Alyx as well.

Things i was able to do was very limited since Valve didn't share SDK with the public yet. I started this project around 24 March and planned this since around January. You can pretty much say, this is the first Half-Life: Alyx mod.

Note: I have no plans to share this yet since it's just a showcase demo and nothing more.

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