Starport Delta Released

Starport Delta is now available on Steam, offering a Windows management simulation where you build and maintain your own space station. The Release Trailer for this came out a few months ago, and here are some details to keep you from having to decide about this in a vacuum:
Independent game developer Cloudfire Studios has today launched its real-time space station builder Starport Delta, on PC via Steam. In Starport Delta, players are tasked with building the best and most successful space stations in order for their citizens to thrive!

Space is filled with dangerous threats and players must defend their stations to the best of their abilities by building the most strategic stations. Dangers take many forms in space:

  • Alien pirates stealing resources from the buildings making up the players’ stations.
  • Massive space worms devouring anything and everything in their path.
  • Space storms deactivating various parts of stations.
  • Meteor showers raining down and destroying unprotected buildings.
  • Deadly radiation blasts endangering the lives of residents.

A stellar campaign full of missions
Take on the role of the Empire’s troubleshooter and travel from station to station, improving efficiency and design for understaffed or negligent commanders. While harvesting resources and expanding a network of buildings, players will meet friends and foes along their journey.

Explore the galactic sandbox

  • Three difficulty modes:
    • Zen - A peaceful playthrough with no disasters.
    • Easy - For those that want a journey with small challenges and disasters.
    • Hard - Everything and anything disastrous will happen.
  • Balance each station design between mining, housing, and trade.
  • Manage defense expenditure and infrastructure.
  • Evacuate citizens or risk loss of life from deadly radiation bursts.
  • Rescue good citizens or airlock problematic residents and risk attracting space worms.
  • Micromanage building maintenance or automate it with slower repair drones.