Wheel of Fate Rolls Out

UDX Interactive announces the Steam Early Access release of Wheel of Fate, their crowdfunded single-player RPG designed by Mass Effect 2 veteran Mike Holmes. This features an AI system that adapts to the player to make every play-through different. Here's the Early Access Launch Trailer and here are more details on why you might want to take this for a spin:
In the ancient world of Providence, a hero must rise. The battle between Fate and the Fateless will be fought in the backwater town of Kismet’s Fall and the Wheel of Fate has chosen you as its Avatar. Explore a world that changes around you with each spin of the wheel. Defeat a foe ancient as time itself. Wheel of Fate is the RPG that will alter your reality! How will you spin your destiny?

Wheel of Fate is a turn-based RPG offering a dynamic gameplay experience. It uses AI-technology to create massive replayability. The Wheel mechanic creates boundless possibilities as the world, story and the very fates themselves will change around you.