Iron Danger Released

Iron Danger is now available for Windows on and Steam offering a tactical RPG for Windows, with publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer Action Squad promising versions for macOS and Linux at a later date. This is set in "a war-torn world of magic and machinery that draws from Nordic mythology, steampunk and tech noir," and includes a time-manipulation element they dare to call "unique." Here's a Launch Trailer and a Feature Trailer to show off gameplay, and here's more on what to expect:
When an army of Northlanders invades her village, Iron Danger protagonist Kipuna is mortally wounded, saved only by a mysterious crystal creature that grants her the ability to rewind time. With her new-found powers, Kipuna can manipulate the fourth dimension and turn back time up to five seconds to change the future.

Players can utilize this time-rewinding ability to dodge or block attacks, or adjust their position on the battlefield to set up the next attack. This innovative mechanic gives traditional tactical combat a puzzle-like element, as players can continuously test new approaches and synchronize character actions for the perfect outcome.

Key Features

  • Master unique time-rewind mechanics and experience a new take on tactical combat, fusing the best aspects of real-time and turn-based systems.
  • Adventure into a world of steampunk fantasy inspired by Finnish folklore.
  • Highly interactive environments let you seize the advantage over your enemies.
  • Fight epic boss monsters on the path to fulfill your destiny.
  • No grinding! Character progression is balanced throughout over 15 hours of gameplay!