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Aerial Raver Launches

Aerial Raver is now available in Early Access on Steam, offering a Windows brawler that developer Meteo Games calls a "fighting community love letter." Like any good rave, this is all about getting high, as the combat involves defeating your opponent with airborne combos, as shown in the Early Access Trailer. The other twist here is that this is a single-player game, so if you decide to attend you'll be making Billy Idol proud by dancing with yourself. Grab your glow stick and read on for more:
Aerial Raver is a single-player combo challenge game which takes the mechanics of classic fighters and re-imagines them into a mission-based format. Players will create and perform combos using their favourite fighting game moves and upgrade their characters and move sets in an attempt to construct the biggest, most mind-blowing combo imaginable.

The game launches into the arena with full gamepad, keyboard and arcade stick support, as well as 30 Moves, 60 Missions across 3 Wak-Bots, a ton of upgradable abilities, and a core set of customization options.

In future updates, Meteo Games plans to include more missions, combos, customization options, as well as online features (like recording and sharing combos), general accessibility updates for those new to the genre, and general polish throughout. Crucially, the release via Steam's Early Access program allows Meteo Games to refine the game according to feedback from the fighting game community.