Mech Mechanic Simulator Announced

Publisher/developer Polyslash announces Mech Mechanic Simulator, a simulation of the growing field of servicing giant combat robots expected to come to Steam this year. Here's a first teaser trailer and here's a description of the game:
This is the future - a world ruled by mechs.
Cars are long forgotten. The only thing that matters today are mechs - giant, powerful robots. And you? Well, you make loads of money on them. After all, you are a mech mechanic!

As a mech mechanic you will have to compete with the largest corporations of the modern world. Deconstruct, repair and improve giant robots. Create your own company and lead it to glory. Accept the challenge of creating your own state of the art mech - the most developed robot in the world.

Your job is to diagnose parts and find these, that need to be replaced. Detach broken elements and order a new ones... But remember, even the most damaged items can be reused. Renew, refresh and restore to usability. Fix whatever you can. And the rest? Sell or melt and craft into something entirely new!

Job offers can ask you to repaint the mechs, others have to be adapted to their new jobs. There are plenty of kinds of mechs in Mech Mechanic Simulator. And they all have different purposes. Buy prototype designs and develop them on your own. Create your own robot and make yourself known as a specialist in everything.

Reputation of your warehouse constantly grows and corporations are more and more reluctant to see how well you manage to develop your business. It's about time to roll up your sleeves and compete with the biggest. Let's see who is able to create the most advanced mech of the future!

Expenses need to be covered. Your workshop could use some improvements, and resources aren't cheap. Mech parts break all the time and your clients expectations are ever rising. Try to keep up if you don't want to get beaten up by your competition.