Half-Life: Alyx Preloads

Preloads are now underway for Half-Life: Alyx on Steam. paving the way for Monday's launch of the new virtual reality installment in the Half-Life series. This may be useful to more gamers than imagined at first. Despite the fact that it requires a virtual reality headset, PlayTracker reports more than 300,000 gamers have preordered the VR shooter (thanks VideoGamer.com). Here's word:
Valve's return to City 17 is poised to make sales record headlines next week. PlayTracker Insight tracking is showing Half-Life: Alyx has already surpassed 300.000 owners ahead of its launch on Monday, March 23rd.

This already puts the game within striking distance of the biggest Steam releases of 2020 so far like TemTem, Wolcen, Borderlands 3, Metro Exodus, and, amusingly, Black Mesa - Crowbar Collective's re-imagining of the original Half-Life game. Launch sales should propel the game into first place, pending a surprising over-performance by Doom Eternal this weekend.

VR owners account for only 1% of Steam users according to the Steam Hardware Survey, making this sales performance quite an impressive achievement.