SiN Remaster Plans

A post on Steam from remaster masters Nightdive Studios announces updates to SiN: Gold on Steam adding the Wages of SiN expansion along with a bunch of fixes. This is not all the news for Ritual Entertainment's 1998 first-person shooter, however, as PC Gamer says this is a prelude to a full remaster of the game. They don't have a ton of details on the plan, but this is expected late this year or in early 2021. Here's more:
Nightdive is working on a fully remastered version of Sin that will run on its Kex Engine, which is also used in games including Blood: Fresh Supply, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, and Forsaken Remastered. Expect the usual enhancements, like modern resolution support and a nice crisp UI. Nightdive didn't have a lot of details on the remaster to give us yet, but it's currently expected to be out in late 2020 or early 2021. The studio was able to dig up a pile of classic Sin art for us, so enjoy some overwhelmingly late '90s renders.