DOOM Eternal Preloads

With DOOM Eternal due for release on Friday, those who have pre-purchased id's shooter sequel on Steam can now pre-load their copy to be set when it goes live (thanks Rockn-Roll). This post has details from Bethesda Softworks on exactly when to expect the launch:
PC (Steam and

  • DOOM Eternal will unlock for each territory below at the following times:
    • In AU/NZ/Asia, DOOM Eternal unlocks at 8:01AM Pacific Time on March 19 (12:01AM JST March 20)
    • In Europe and rest-of-world, DOOM Eternal unlocks at 5:01PM Pacific Time on March 19 (12:01AM GMT March 20)
    • In North and South America, DOOM Eternal unlocks at 9:01PM Pacific Time on March 19 (12:01AM EDT March 20)