Guild Wars 2 Expansion Revealed

The Guild Wars Website has details on Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire, a content update coming on March 17th to Guild Wars 2, offering this trailer with a look at what to expect. They discuss other upcoming plans for the RPG sequel, capping things off with the surprise "glimpse of the distant future" with word that a third expansion for the game is in the works. They say it's much too soon to go into specifics, but they provide this general overview:
Finally, we have some special news to share.

Development is underway on a third Guild Wars 2 expansion. The team is hard at work, and it’s much too soon to talk about any details right now, including features, story, release date, or development timeline. We’ll have to stick to that until we’re ready to reveal more information to the world. When we are ready, you’ll definitely know!

Thank you for your patience and support. We’d like to leave you with a piece of early concept art so you can dream along with us about where we’re headed…