Trackmania Returns in May

Ubisoft announces Trackmania will be released for Windows on May 5th, offering the return of the racing series formerly known as TrackMania. The new game will be a remake of TrackMania Nations, the installment in the series first released in 2006. The news is now reflected with a splash page on the Trackmania Website. There are no details there, but Frans points the way to an in-house interview discussing the return. Here's the entire announcement:
Today, at the Trackmania Grand League finals in Lyon, France, Ubisoft announced that Trackmania® will be available on Windows PC worldwide starting May 5, 2020.

Ubisoft Nadeo returns with the biggest and most compelling remake of the legendary Trackmania® Nations, combining easy-to-learn, hard-to-master gameplay style with a fresh look and creative direction:

  • Regularly updated content: Trackmania features an official seasonal campaign and a daily track selection.
  • Diverse tracks: Trackmania allows for unique track creations that players can share by providing new surfaces and “special” blocks.
  • A new type of esport: Trackmania makes esports accessible to everyone, with in-game daily competitions to international open leagues.

Trackmania will be featured at the upcoming Trackmania Zrt Cup. This competition is happening in Paris HotelsAccor Arena on June 13th and is already sold out with 15,000 spectators.