Riot Games Lawsuit Reset has the latest on the lawsuit against Riot Games over gender-based discrimination at the League of Legends developer. Last month two California agencies stepped in to object to a tentative settlement of the suit, citing allegations of collusion that lead to a proposed defendant-friendly $10 million payout. Now word is the plaintiffs have new legal council, who have withdrawn their support for this settlement. They now have the following statement on this development from Riot Games:
In a statement responding to the news, a Riot Games spokesperson told the League of Legends developer was committed to finding a fair outcome for all parties, one that is "justified by the underlying facts."

"We understand that the plaintiffs' new counsel needs adequate time to review the proposed settlement agreement and we respect that," said the spokesperson.

"That said, the analysis and discussions which led to the earlier proposed settlement were comprehensive and thorough, and we believe that the proposal was fair and adequate under the circumstances."

Riot also described the $400 million figure proposed by the DFEH as "outrageous," and said that any arguments put forward in favour of sum "can simply not be made in good faith."

"While we have acknowledged that there is work that we needed to do to better live up to our values, we have also made clear to our employees that we will defend ourselves against false narratives and unfair claims that do nothing to remedy any hardships of actual class members," they added.