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EA Bans FIFA Pro from All EA Games and Services

EA FIFA pro player Kurt 'Kurt0411' Fenech tweeted out a notification he received that his EA Account is now banned for violation of their user agreement. As you can see, this link to his profile now returns a 404, not found error. In response he tweets that this is a conspiracy: "End of the day I have never said anything I shouldn’t have. This is just deeper than anyone thinks. They didn’t want me competing at events cos they were scared I’d win them, now I’m the 2nd biggest streamer of their game and they’re scared I’ll overtake their golden boy." IGN has details on what went down:
Fenech has been an outspoken critic of EA for the past two years, escalating in a series of social media attacks on the company and antagonizing EA employees. During one livestream Fenech was caught on camera calling an opponent a "son of a b**ch" who "can't beat me, even on this piece of trash game. F*** you, EA." He also spat on an EA logo stitched onto a scarf. EA responded to these repeated attacks by permanently banning Fenech from all FIFA esports competitions in 2019 and beyond.

Following Fenech’s ban, several EA FIFA staff Twitter accounts were hacked as part of a “targeted attack,” according to EA. The hacks were also part of a larger social media attack on EA staff members over criticism of FIFA 20. Fenech seemingly supported these hacks on his social media account.

Fenech has continued to attack EA on his various social media channels and video platforms like YouTube and Twitch. One popular attack on EA by Fenech is to call the company “rats” which was well-known enough for another FIFA streamer to utilize in a diss track against EA.