Overwatch's Experimental Triple Damage Mode Tomorrow

A new Overwatch Developer Update Video features Jeff Kaplan following up on his recent video announcing plans to add experimental cards to Overwatch to test new concepts for the multiplayer shooter. Jeff reveals the first of these will be a novel experiment mode called Triple Damage. He says if everything goes according to plan, this will launch tomorrow. The video is accompanied by this Q&A with Jeff and Michael Heiberg on the Overwatch Website discussing the concept. Here's a bit:
Heiberg: When you start having more damage and fewer tanks, the amount of lethality in the game changes. The amount of pressure on the people playing tanks—and the people trying to keep the tanks alive—changes.

Kaplan: With three damage players, it opened team compositions that we weren’t really seeing in the current game. We’ve seen compositions with two flanking characters, like Genji and Tracer, supported by aggressive tanks. We’ve also seen compositions with two snipers, like Widowmaker and Hanzo, with a more defensive playstyle. Now you might end up with two snipers but also have a flanker. So the game really plays differently. It’s a lot more chaotic. A lot more action-based.

It polarized the dev team. People tended to either hate it or be intrigued by it. Most people were cautiously optimistic, like, “Oh yeah, this could be really interesting.” But then we had people staunchly opposed to it who said, “This is so different, it puts too much pressure on the tank player, the game feels too lethal.”

We’re running experiments to see if we can balance our way out of those issues. Like, with the game feeling too lethal: certainly, the number of tanks that are present can be an influencing factor, but we could just as easily look at everybody’s damage and hit points and make adjustments there.