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Dying Light DLC and Free Weekend

Techland celebrates the recent fifth anniversary of the original release of Dying Light with a free weekend on Steam for the Windows, macOS, and Linux zombie action game. They are also marking the occasion with the release of a new 5th Anniversary Bundle DLC on and Steam and the announcement that this is the first week an Anniversary Month extravaganza that will bring back past global events. Here's a 5th Anniversary Week 1 Trailer and here are the details, including word on a new update that's live in the game:
Keeping Dying Light alive and thriving for half a decade would be impossible without the undying support of our amazing community. Having that and the significance of the occasion in mind, we decided that the 5th anniversary celebration needs to be a large-scale experience that offers something for every Survivor. Instead of launching a single event we prepared a whole range of varied activities that will keep the fun going throughout a whole month (until March 19).

Each week of this Dying Light insanity will bring back a popular global event from the game’s rich past, accompanied by a personal bounty related to one of fan favorite characters.

We’re kicking things off with Jeff and Super-Crane. During the first week of the 5th Anniversary Month you’ll be hunting Volatiles to earn a brand new C4 Explosive blueprint drawn by Fort Jefferson’s fearless commander, and throwing zombies off roofs as Harran’s superhero equipped with an enhanced grappling hook. We won’t tell you just yet what comes next, but rest assured tons of fun are coming your way, and some cool rewards too, including a crazy outfit that we can’t wait for you to see. Keep your eyes peeled for info on 5th Anniversary Month's upcoming events.

There’s one more thing we want to share with you. The latest Dying Light update introduces a new difficulty level intended for those who’d like to focus on the story and exploration without worrying too much about survival. Story Mode features a number of tweaks which make the game significantly easier: you're stronger and tougher, the Infected are less dangerous, nights are shorter, etc. Now everyone can enjoy their stay in Harran regardless of their skill level and experience with action games.