Out of the Blue

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's hoping this brings your heart's desire, even if it's solitude. MrsBlue and I think we will celebrate with a romantic night of take-out Chinese food.

Thanks again to everyone who is participating in the ongoing discussions of our patronage plans, including the further feedback yesterday to my post Wednesday. A new sentiment emerged in yesterday's comments, as some expressed a willingness to support the site while continuing to allow ads to run once we get the ad-free version going. Frans and I discussed this, and it seems likely we'll be able to offer patrons the option of not opting out of ads if they so desire. Some also expressed interest in being able to pay for patronage via check. Please offer your outlook on this to help me figure out if I need to look into getting a post office box. We're not sure when all this will get underway, but next week is a distinct possibility.

Valentine Links: Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.
Stories: Turtle fossil the size of a car unearthed, shows signs of ancient croc battle. Gamera! Thanks Max.
A man robbed a bank on a first date and forced his date to be his getaway driver. Like a movie plot.
Pizza sends record number of people to the ER in 2018. Thanks Acleacius.
Science: Want Unlimited Clean Energy? Just Drill the World's Hottest Well.
Bats’ immune system may be why their viruses can be deadly to people. Thanks Max.
With a litter of tactics, scientists work to tame cat allergies. Thanks Max.
Images: Aubrey Plaza posts adorable 'Parks and Recreation' reunion photo for Galentine's Day.
Media: Full "No Time to Die" Theme Released.
The Iron Mask Trailer: Schwarzenegger Vs Chan In Fantasy Epic.
How Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Should Have Ended.
Astronaut Christina Koch Posts Video Of Reunion With Dog After Year In Space. Thanks Acleacius.
Follow-ups: Virus infects more than 1,700 health workers in China, 6 die.
In Defense of the Myers-Briggs. Thanks Max.
"Avenue 5" Renewed, Maybe "Donovan" Too.