Play Last Year for Free

Last Year is free to play all weekend on Steam, offering the chance to check out this multiplayer horror game for Windows which came out (you guessed it) last year. This is an asymmetrical game for six players where one plays as a fiend tasked with killing the other five, who must also survive a hostile environment. This sample comes right as a new version 1.0.13 update goes live, adding a new map. Here's a trailer showing off the new map and highlighting the free weekend. If you end up buying the game after checking it out, it is currently on sale for 30% off. Here's more on what to expect:
Team up with four other Classmates to survive against a sixth player controlling a dreadful, horrifying Fiend, in this evolution of multiplayer horror games inspired by classic horror stories.

For these Classmates, their last year of high school might be their last year of life. After being transported to a nightmarish copy of their hometown through an occult game of cards, six classmates soon find out that they are not alone, and that to escape, they’ll have to work together against all manner of Fiends lurking in the shadows.

Which Classmate will you pick? Choose from 6 Classmates, and assign them a Class to get special skills. The more you work well with your Classmates, the better your chances of survival. And the more you survive, the more Arcane Secrets you learn, unlocking powerful magical abilities to take the fight to the Fiends.

Supernatural entities living in The Nightmare, the dreadful Fiends take the form of quintessential horror archetypes, and each have unique powers, weapons and play-styles. Decide whether to attack the Classmates head-on, or meticulously plan your attacks by setting up traps, preparing ambushes, and toying with your prey.

Free content updates in the form of Chapters will bring new, terrifying Fiends and ever-more-dreadful areas inspired by different genres of horror, and more, changing up the gameplay and making Last Year the ultimate multiplayer horror experience.