Warlander This Month

Clock Drive Games announces February 26th as the release date for Warlander, their debut game described as a roguelike action-adventure with tactical combat. They celebrate the news with a new gameplay trailer, and you can look to the game's Steam Listing. Here's word:
Set in a bleak and unforgiving world, Warlander lets players customize their combat style as they progress through an action-packed journey as a vengeful resurrected hero. With a vivid art style and interactive environment, Warlander will entrance players with its intense combat and replayability.
“We struck the perfect balance of sword-fighting gameplay, an in-game progression system and punishing roguelike elements that captured the essence of the genre but also added our own twist to it,” said Goran Rajsic, creative director for Clock Drive Games. “As an indie developer, we put fun and engaging gameplay at the center of player’s experience”, he added.

Every path the players will explore in a procedurally generated world is different, full of dangers and opportunities alike. Players are encouraged to aim precisely and slice through the flesh of their enemies in a unique take on stamina-based combat. They will progress through the game by becoming stronger and more skillful, either by chopping their way across the battlefield or by using abilities to turn the environment into a deadly weapon. If you die in the game - you will be returned to life - at the cost of your progress and experience.

Core Game Features:

  • UNIQUE COMBAT SYSTEM featuring skill-based fights with precise targeting and real-time mesh slicing.
  • PROCEDURALLY GENERATED MAP where every playthrough is different and every step on the path is unique.
  • INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENT is a battlefield and a weapon. Be observant, think on your feet and use the surroundings to crush your enemies.
  • PATH TO VENGEANCE IS DIFFICULT as the game becomes increasingly harder as you progress through the world, and your skills will be put to the limit.
  • LIFE HAS NO RERUN so act like it. Permadeath is real and even though the Old God resurrects you if you die, you start from the beginning.
  • SKILL TREE PROGRESSION is tied with the game world. Cut your enemies into offerings and sacrifice them to obtain access to different combat powers.