Miasma Caves This Month

Developer Windy Games announces that Miasma Caves will depart Early Access on February 28th, offering the official release of this non-violent exploration adventure. The official website is where to look for all the details on this game. Here is the most recent trailer showing off gameplay, and here's word on stinky spelunking this will offer:
In Miasma Caves players venture into the nearby cave system as Draconid Lesath to uncover treasures that have been long forgotten in order to appraise and sell them to restore her village to its former state. Instead of having to fight dangerous creatures, players will have to contend with the very environment itself, avoiding cave-ins and finding their way back out of the subterranean labyrinth before their health depletes.

With the latest update, players will encounter new creatures within the cave system including the mischievous Duskling which if not caught may take off with hard-found treasure. The Pangomole has also surfaced in the cave system, masters of digging the Pangomole is capable of breaking through a large radius but following it may have its consequences, as their efficient digging may cause cave-ins. Along with the Duskling and Pangomole players may also encounter the enchanting Will o’ Wisp which if followed may lead players astray. Catching a Will o’ Wisp however will give players access to a strong temporary light source aiding them in their exploration.

For those players looking to delve even deeper into the cave system, Windy Games has added an additional depth for players to explore. With the addition of the 4th depth, players will be able to venture even further into the cave system and uncover additional treasures. Planning their exploration will be key, however, as longer explorations will require more supplies as well as carefully laying a path back out to the cave’s entrance in order to make it out before their health runs out. While exploring further into the cave system players will also experience smoother gameplay as a load-on-demand system has been implemented. The cave system will load as players explore, cutting down on initial loading time before starting their subterranean adventure.
In the coming weeks leading up to release, a new quest system will also be added for players in Miasma Caves. As players progress through the game the nearby townsfolk will have quests to offer. Each quest will task players with different requirements including bringing back specific treasures or venturing into certain long-forgotten parts of the cave system such as the crystal cave in order to unlock the quest. Players will receive a variety of rewards from completing quests including new upgrades for the town as well as new items.

Miasma Caves is currently available on Steam Early Access and will be releasing on February 28. Players can explore the 4th depth and interact with all new creatures on Early Access now. For more information on Miasma Caves visit the official site here or join the official Discord.
Miasma Caves

A list of features include:

  • Procedurally generated cave system
  • Uncover and appraise artifacts
  • Upgrade your village to unlock new bonuses and items
  • Diggable terrain
  • Environment based dangers
  • Explore against the clock as your health depletes over time
  • Use markers, ropes, and torches to delve deeper into the cave
  • Interact with townsfolk and learn about the treasures you unearth