Out of the Blue

Thanks very much to everyone who has participated in the discussion I started yesterday about launching a Patreon program. There was a lot of agreement in the comments about several aspects of this. Probably most interesting is that while there were different outlooks on what individuals are willing to pay, there is a fairly strong consensus against having rewards tied to higher tiers. The eventual ad-free version of the site seems to be the only perk a majority find appealing. In the meantime before that launches, such support can be absolution for the use of ad-blockers (which is one of the reasons this is necessary in the first place). There was also mixed sentiment about Patreon itself, so we'll definitely explore ways to allow more direct contributions. The other thing that came up in many comments is a reminder of the ongoing clamor for Blue's News merchandise, t-shirts in particular. So that's also something that will have follow on all this. Frans and I are still working through how is best to proceed, so there's still time to provide feedback. Please still feel free to share your reactions in the forums or email.

Obituary: Paul English, Willie Nelson's Longtime Drummer, Dead at 87.

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