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Half-Life: Alyx Spurs Index Sales

A SuperData XR Quarterly Update has some statistics on virtual reality and mixed reality uptake, which we're apparently now lumping together as XR. They report that XR revenue "is set to hit $14.9B in 2023," making the future of this still seem well off in the future. However, they also offer one stat that indicates the VR era may be starting to gain a head of steam. They note that "VR demand outstripped supply during the holiday season," and that Valve's Index headsets sold twice as many units in Q4 as Q3, suggesting that Half-Life: Alyx may be the killer app this technology has been waiting for (no offense to Beat Saber). They list the top VR headsets by sales in Q4 2019 as PlayStation VR (338K units), Oculus Quest (317K units), Valve Index (103K units), Oculus Go (84K units), and Oculus Rift S (71K units). Here's their analysis:
XR revenue is set to hit $14.9B in 2023
SuperData has released its projections of the XR market through 2023. Earnings from AR/MR headsets like the HoloLens are expected to grow significantly in 2023 once form factors and price points that are acceptable to consumers become available. AR/MR headset hardware and consumer software are set to earn a combined $6.7B by 2023, 45% of all XR revenue.

VR demand outstripped supply during the holiday season
Valve sold 149K Index headsets in 2019. Sales more than doubled from Q3 to Q4 (103K) thanks to anticipation for Half-Life: Alyx, which was announced in November and is slated to arrive in March. The Index sold more units than any other PC VR headset during the quarter despite a steep price of up to $1000. It would have sold even more if not for inventory issues (the device is currently sold out worldwide).

The Oculus Quest sold 705K units during 2019, more than the Oculus Go and Oculus Rift S combined. The simplicity of the Quest appealed to mainstream consumers and made it a hot holiday gift item. It sold 317K during Q4, putting it slightly behind the PlayStation VR (338K), which was the quarter’s best-selling VR headset. The Quest may have taken the title of top headset of the quarter if more stock was available. Like the Index, the Quest was periodically sold out during parts of Q4.