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Op Ed

  • VG247: Letís stop praising developers for replacing microtransactions and loot boxes with Battle Passes - theyíre worse.
    "Why is it more sinister? Because it guilt trips you into ploughing more time into a game. Thatís how these things work. You buy a Battle Pass and you unlock a handful of initial goodies, but then you have to grind to get the rest. And you have to do it before the season ends or you lose the stuff you havenít unlocked.

    Youíre paying to force yourself to commit to a game. I donít know about you, but I like to jump between different games and sometimes Iím not in the mood to play at all. When youíve bought a Battle Pass, youíre potentially wasting that money if you donít play. Youíre hostage to your own entertainment. How is this better than paying £2 for a hat? Why has it become more acceptable?"