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Out of the Blue

The 10 Best James Bond Theme Songs, Ranked is a link sent along by Neutronbeam because he knows what a Bond fan I am. I'm not much for most of the modern ones, so my own list would be strikingly different, and completely weighted toward the "classics." Let's give it a shot:

10. Octopussy. Super-cheesy, but I like it. Best thing about this movie besides Louis Jordan.
9. The Spy Who Loved Me. Carly Simon, say no more.
8. You Only Live Twice. Genuine Sinatra, just not Frank.
7. License to Kill. Gladys Knight still had something in the tank.
6. From Russia With Love. Imitation Sinatra, still not Frank.
5. Live and Let Die. Wings ushers in the Bond rock era.
4. Thunderball - Tom Jones. Say no more.
3. Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey is the quintessential Bond theme artist.
2. Diamonds Are Forever - See above.
1. Dr. No - The original instrumental James Bond theme still in use today.

Honorable mention: Mr. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Was an instrumental in Thunderball. It actually has lyrics, but sadly neither the brilliant Shirley Bassey recording nor Dionne Warwick's version were used, apparently because the song didn't include the title of the movie.

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