GDC Survey Shows Unionization Interest Uptick

The GDC Website reports on the results of the GDC 2020 State of the Industry Survey, which is now public in advance of the Game Developers Conference, which gets underway in San Francisco in March. They focus on the uptake of development for streaming games, VR, and next generation consoles, all of which are spotty. They note that the largest response of which platform(s) new game development is focusing is the PC, at 56%, but this is down from 66% last year. An area this summary does not mention is developer feelings about unionization, but this is highlighted by The Hollywood Reporter (thanks Slashdot via Ant), where they the results indicate that support for unionizing game developers is gaining traction:
Surveying nearly 4,000 video game developers with the intent of highlighting industry trends and forecasts for the future of gaming, this year's report indicates an increasing interest in the games industry to unionize. This was also a major topic of conversation in 2019, amid reports of gaming professionals working extended overtime hours and tolerating poor working conditions.

Among the survey participants, 54 percent said that game industry workers should unionize (a 7 percent increase from last year), 21 percent answered "maybe" and 9 percent said they weren't sure. When the same group was asked whether they thought game industry workers would unionize, only 23 percent said "yes," while 43 percent said "maybe."