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On the 2019 PC Content Spending Downturn

A tweet from Mat Piscatella comments that consumer spending on PC content was down in last year despite what he calls "the great PC distribution platform wars of 2019" (thanks Wccftech). Lest we think this industry analyst is throwing red meat to Epic Games Store haters, a follow-up tweet responding to one of them suggests otherwise. Here are both tweets:
The great PC distribution platform wars of 2019 did not do consumer spending on PC content any favors btw. Priorities of enhancing consumer experience & choice and minimizing confusion were all deemphasized in 2019, contributing to lower overall consumer spend on PC content.

No. PC content sales were down in 2019. Data suggest to me that all the movement with dist platforms contributed to that, as did a number of other factors. I wouldn't point to a single platform. PC was a rocky market in '19 with quite a bit of disruption.