Alpha Polaris Goes Free

Alpha Polaris is now completely free to own on Steam, as the price of this Windows adventure was reduced to nothing a couple of weeks ago (thanks Ant). This is thanks to the unfortunate news that its developer is closing their doors: "As Turmoil Games is closing, we have now made Alpha Polaris free. The game means a lot to us and we hope people continue to enjoy it far to the future. For all that have supported us: thank you!" Here's word on the game:
In the midst of the snowfields of Greenland lies Alpha Polaris, an American oil research station. High above, the ion storm of the century is gathering, bringing about a strange intermixing of reality and night terrors...

Alpha Polaris is an old-school adventure game focusing on character-driven horror and environmental themes. Previously released worldwide in retail, the game features professional voice-acted dialogues, hand-drawn dialogue portraits and an original soundtrack.

Alpha Polaris was developed by Turmoil Games, an indie game studio situated in Finnish Lapland, making the game an authentic Arctic production. Developed during two long and dark Finnish winters, inspiration for the game was drawn from such sources as inuit legends, Cthulhu mythos and the very real blight polar bears face today.