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Rockstar's UK Tax Relief

An article on Tax Watch UK discusses Rockstar Games' tax avoidance strategies that take advantage of Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) in the UK. They explain the company was able to claim 42 million in tax relief on Grand Theft Auto V, a game which has "grossed over $6 billion in revenue." The oddity is this program is intended to apply to games that highlight British culture, and it's hard to figure out how that relates to GTA5. VG247 has a statement from Rockstar which does not address that aspect of this but does claim the tax relief has helped them create jobs. Word in the Tax Watch article is that Rockstar is looking to once again take advantage of this loophole for Grand Theft Auto VI:
Recent statistics reveal that 324 million has been claimed since the schemes roll-out. Our report, Gaming The System, highlighted the fact that the developers of GTA V were able to claim 42 million in tax relief (19% of the total awarded 2015-2017), despite the fact that the game had grossed over $6 billion in revenue. Rockstar North, GTAs developer, has already contacted the BFI to seek accreditation for the forthcoming GTA VI.

All of the VGTR claims are made as a direct result of passing the BFIs cultural test. Given the amount of public money involved in these claims, and the fact that many games are published by foreign studios, on subject matter that is not culturally British, it is imperative that the BFI is transparent in the decision making process. The public deserves to know how and why multi-billion dollar companies are receiving tax relief.