Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics Demo

The Steam Listing for Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics now offers a playable Windows demo for Caffeineware's turn-based strategy game where you do battle with an army of robots of your own design. This gives a sample of the game, which is planned for release in autumn of this year after an Indiegogo Campaign planned for next month. Here's a trailer to convey the game's story, and here are some details:
The spaceship is disabled, the aliens have boarded and killed everyone in sight. Help isn’t coming, and it’s all on you to take up the roll of the hero, stop the aliens, and save the day. Only one problem; you aren’t a hero. You don’t have a badass suit of power armor, or a big gun, or even a crowbar. You are the ship’s IT guy -- and right now -- you’re locked in your office armed with nothing but a computer, 3D printer, and a hand full of janitor bots that you've hastily reprogrammed for combat. Your only hope of survival is to send your bots out to explore the ruined ship, find vital resources and upgrades, and build a force strong enough to take back control of the ship. Only then can you get the engines back online and warp to safety. Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics is a turn-based strategy roguelike about fighting off an army of aliens with jury rigged robots. If that idea appeals to you, you’re probably in the right place.

Delve into the easy to learn, but hard to master, Behavior System which blends the exciting tight-knit feel of squad based strategy, with the large scale planning of grand strategy. Build and upgrade your robot army with specialized bot upgrades and powerful weapons and items. Turn the tides of battle by gaining control of Stations; key locations that provide powerful bonuses and large scale effects. Learn to outsmart your enemies by exploiting their unique behaviors!

Future Features Include:

  • Explore randomly generated ships with unique layouts and loot to find!
  • Every playthrough is different, with random bots, equipment, and behavior unlocks!
  • Discover legendary robots that bring powerful and unique abilities!
  • Overcome a variety of 'Finales.' Boss-like encounters that are a true test of your strategy skills!
  • Play through the Campaign Mode, which has you progress through multiple stages to defeat the invaders!