Out of the Blue

I've recently started to experience a nagging pain just above the wrist along the ulna of my right arm. This is my mouse-hand, and since I work and play on the computer so much the obvious concern is some sort of repetitive stress injury. I've known a couple of sufferers, including former id Software programmer John Cash, and through their experiences I can appreciate just how serious RSIs can be. But this has only just started for me, so I've only consulted with Dr. Google thus far. The good news is this doesn't sound like Carpal tunnel syndrome or ulnar tunnel syndrome, at least as far as I can tell. I have suffered on occasion from cubital tunnel syndrome, which went away when I stopped leaning on my elbow when reclining, but this doesn't seem the same as that either. Before we moved I had some arm pain from working in a makeshift environment, and this seems similar to that, so I have adjusted the armrests on my chair to make my forearm more level, and this seems to provide some immediate relief, so I'm hopeful this will take care of it. No one wants an RSI, so I will monitor this and will not put off seeing a doctor if it persists, as from what I read, early diagnosis and treatment is important in such cases.

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