Terraforming Earth This Month

Also due on January 30th is Terraforming Earth, a side-scrolling puzzle/platformer with split-screen co-op support from Lost Robots coming to Steam as an Early Access release. But they promise "it should be treated as a full release in terms of polish and functionality," with the final release to include additional content. In this game the player takes control of three robots to negotiate procedurally generated levels, tackle procedurally generated boss fights, all set to the sounds of procedurally generated music. You can see this in action in this trailer, and read on for more details:
Unique Situations Every Time You Play
Terraforming Earth is the first game ever to apply procedural generation in platform puzzle level design. It is infinitely replayable as it puts you in new situations every time you play. The focus is on creative problem-solving and planning instead of rote memorization.

Use Different Skills Together
Play alone by switching between three quirky robots. Using their different skills together, you must guide them through infinite obstacles as you restore life on Earth. You can also play with your friends in local multiplayer co-op mode or over the Internet using Steam Remote Play.

Curated Levels
Terraforming Earth has a curation system similar to Mario Maker's. On the world map, you can choose between missions that are freshly generated for you or missions starred by other players in the community. Your starred levels also appear on other players' maps.