The Last Cube Announced

Finish developer Improx Games announces The Last Cube, a puzzle game planned for Windows, Linux, macOS, and consoles. This does not yet carry a release date, but it does have a Steam Listing you can wishlist if you want to keep informed when it does. It also has a an official website which offers an Announcement Teaser Trailer showing off gameplay. Word is you will play as a plucky little cube on a solo adventure without the help of a test subject or any such thing:
You, the Last Cube, were awakened for a purpose: to save this peculiar world from collapsing by solving puzzle tracks left by your ancestors. The Last Cube is a three-dimensional puzzle game with incredible innovative mechanics.

In The Last Cube you play as a sentient, metallic cube, lost in a strange world full of mysteries and dozens of secrets to find. Venture through six unique areas of the cube-world and overcome three-dimensional brain-teasers. Collect stickers on the cube's sides and use their distinct abilities to progress through levels with atmospheric environments. The Last Cube features over 100 unique puzzles, 6 beautiful areas and over 8 hours of gameplay content.

“The Last Cube is our largest game project yet,” said Oskari Liukku, Improx Games’s CEO. “Everyone we have showed it to has been amazed by it; we promise to deliver a challenging, but doable puzzle experience with pretty environments to boot.”

“The response we have gotten so far has been incredibly motivating,” added Miika Kanerva, a level designer and 3D artist. “We’re excited to get the game in front of everyone as soon as possible.”

The Last Cube does not have a release date yet. The company has plans to release the game on Windows, Mac, Linux and current generation consoles.