Out of the Blue

Happy belated birthday to Ant! I forgot this yesterday, so my apologies. There are a lot of folks who have taken the trouble to send in a lot of links to include here over the years, but Ant is arguably the single biggest contributor. He's been sending in items of possible interest for more than 20 years now (a quick sloppy search his first contribution goes back to June 1999 at the very latest). Thanks for all the help over all these years, Ant, and apologies for forgetting your birthday!

Belated Links: Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.
Links: Enjoy "iCthulhu," a free Lovecraftian cyberpunk webcomic.
Adult Cream Pie coming to McDonald’s Japan. Are we not doing phrasing anymore?
Inside the ‘Secret Service of Hollywood’ That Guards Stars Like Post Malone and Jennifer Lopez.
Stories: Mystery Underwater Device Lost By U.S. Navy.
'Like sending bees to war'- the deadly truth behind your almond-milk obsession. Thanks RedEye9.
As they fret about cyberattacks from Iran, Texas officials also say homegrown ‘incels’ pose threat. Thanks Acleacius.
Science: The medications that change who we are. Thanks Max.
Negativity Can Ruin Relationships. Thanks Max.
Media: Golden Retriever Puppies Launch Cuteness Attack on Toddler.
Follow-up: Patrick Stewart Didn't Want To Reprise Captain Picard In A Post-Brexit World.
The Funnies: Arcade Rage.