Final Fantasy VII Remake PC Clues?

A tweet from Roxanne has word on some details found in the recently leaked demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake that suggest an unannounced PC version of the RPG remake is also on the way (thanks Reddit via PC Gamer). There is a screenshot of some of the code in the demo, and here's the content from a pair of tweets explaining the discovery:
The In-Game Videos are made in 1080/30p only and there are various config files (one Example down below) suggesting that this Game runs at 1080/30p as well and it will be probably upscaled on a PS4 Pro (last one still referenced as "PS4 Neo" btw ^^).

Yeah already discussed this yesterday in Discord with others that there are many "many" signs inside the Demo that we will see a future PC Port sooner or later. There is PC Code still left inside, and it mentions various higher Resolutions together with some NVIDIA and AMD stuff.