Fortnite Star Wars Event

Twitch is gearing up to livestream an in-game event that's about to get underway in Fortnite. J.J. Abrams will take part in an online event to promote Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to give this gritty little independent film some much-needed publicity. This gets underway at 2:00 pm EST, and it can also be experienced directly from within the game. As shown in this video, this also provides the chance to get a free TIE Whisper Glider in the game. Here's word: "Tune in tomorrow, December 14 at 2 PM ET to watch an exclusive scene premiere of Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker and earn the TIE Whisper Glider for free!" Also, Finn, Rey and Sith Trooper (spoiler alert) outfits are now available in the Fortnite Item Shop.